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Headhunter Pro Tip: Know within 10 minutes of an intro conversation whether to continue the call

The initial phone screen -- or what I call an exploratory call -- is a great tool for both the hiring manager/recruiter and the prospective candidate. Use both of your time wisely. Make the call count.

Lessons from the field… Hiring a Great HR Leader

In recent years, I have assisted several companies in hiring HR leaders and have been impressed by how this field has progressed since I was in Human Resources many moons …

Interview Like You Mean It

I have seen some potentially great matches fall apart during the interview process. Since the reason for my professional existence is to help companies build great teams, I feel the need to do something about this problem.

Hiring the Right Candidate; Know What Makes a Person Tick

One of the key factors that will determine whether someone will be successful as a member of your team is how well your environment connects with their core motivations.

Early …

Recruitment Success Factor: Probably Not What You Think

The demand for great team members is rapidly growing. We are at the point where for many roles, especially in the world of tech startups and emerging businesses where I …