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Our Primary Client Base:

We do our best work with CEOs and founding teams committed to the extraordinary. They have a compelling vision, a mission-driven approach to building the business, an innovative product or service offering and are passionate about creating a values-centered culture in which people thrive both personally and professionally.

Our work has involved taking on hard challenges alongside clients disrupting industries and even creating new ones, launching groundbreaking technologies, hiring for newly created and still-being-defined roles, breaking into new markets and expanding into new geographies.

AVT has expanded from our initial focus on startups and emerging growth companies and now serves any business with strong growth objectives or is experiencing significant transition. We have an affinity for and are highly skilled at attracting the type of talent who are drawn to the challenges and rewards found in these types of environments. In other words, people with entrepreneurial drive and spirit.


With over 20 years of recruitment and executive search expertise, our Managing Partner’s vast experience covers most industries.

Over the past few years AVT’s work has covered industries such as:

  • Wealthtech
  • Fintech
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Web3/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
  • Ad Tech & Digital Media
  • Consumer Internet
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare & Healthtech
  • Marketplace/On-Demand Services

  • Functional Areas

    “Donna really understands startups and has catered very well to our needs.”

    Searches have covered the following functional areas:

    • Business Development/Sales/Revenue
    • Customer Success/Customer Care
    • Finance
    • Human Resources/People
    • Marketing
    • Operations
    • Product
    • Software & IT

    • Companies We Work With

      We’re proud of the success we’ve had with numerous companies over the past decade, including a variety of startups from early- to late-stage, emerging companies, turnarounds and larger firms looking to start a new business initiative. In spite of this success, we believe that our work in the past few years best represents the point to which we have evolved and three companies in particular exemplify this:

      Some of our best work includes recent searches for a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for Riskalyze, now known as Nitrogen (Wealthtech/Fintech/SaaS). We led searches for their first ever CFO as well as for their VP Customer Success, SVP Engineering and VP Product as well as special projects to support organizational decision-making related to talent. Our partnership started with their Series A funding and continued through their exit to becoming part of a growth private equity portfolio. We saw them grow from $5M to close to $50M and 75 team members to 200+. This company’s leadership is committed to living out ambitious core values and is wholehearted about their exciting mission to empower the world to invest fearlessly. Our work with Riskalyze/Nitrogen capitalized on our experience in SaaS, strengthened our footing in financial technology (fintech) and represented our entree into the wealth technology (wealthtech) arena and wealth management ecosystem which opened up doors to several other emerging businesses in this space.

      Working with Dash Core Group was a defining experience. Not only was this an opportunity to work with committed innovators in a true frontier industry (blockchain/cryptocurrency), but also to work with a rare organizational model literally as it was taking shape and to search for a wide range of roles throughout the world. The result was nine hires on four continents (North America, Europe, Asia, Australia) in less than a year, including CTO, Head of Global Business Development, Head of Infrastructure and HR Director and a return two years later for an additional five hires which deepened our experience in Eastern Europe and resulted in our first hire on the African continent.

      We helped the founder of very early-stage Gallant (biotech for pets) hire a Head of Growth Marketing. This was our first engagement with a former client after a successful exit and starting a new company. We went into this difficult search with enthusiasm because we had opportunity to see firsthand how this founder’s leadership ability resulted in building his former startup, DogVacay, into a highly successful company. Before DogVacay’s merger with Rover.com, we helped with 12 hires!

      Other clients will be identified upon request.