Executive Search Firm

Why Choose August Venture Talent

We search exhaustively and use perceptive insight to find the right hire for your team.

When You Can't Afford a Bad Hire, Choose AVT

We take the steps necessary to assure a successful hire:

  • Consultation to identify the characteristics of your ideal candidate and target market
  • Strategic candidate search using best practice research and sourcing methods, market intelligence, and a deep network of contacts
  • Full-disclosure candidate engagement
  • Thorough and perceptive candidate interviewing and assessment

Depth of Expertise

We can handle your most difficult hiring challenge, proven by over two decades of highly-effective recruiting covering a diverse range of hiring needs, across industries, functions and geographic regions, often with complex requirements.


Consistent progress reports provide clients with a complete view of the recruiting search process through data-driven reporting and 24/7 client access to our online project management system.

Top Candidates

High-caliber professionals are very selective in responding to recruiters, yet we are frequently informed by new candidates that we cut through the noise with our intelligent, relevant approach.

I’m extremely selective in working with recruiters and adding new team members to our rapidly growing, disruptive, ecommerce startup. It says a lot that Donna has been our go-to for several critical hires over the past year!

Post Series A Startup Founder & CEO

Extensive Research & Sourcing

A multi-faceted, no-stone-unturned approach involving research-based sourcing and a global network of referral sources uncovers even the most elusive prospective candidates.

Proven Results

Over 95% repeat business is a reliable indicator of effectiveness.

Data Driven & Agile Approach

A disciplined and rigorous yet flexible approach assures optimal results. We assess the search process and change tactics whenever necessary, doing whatever it takes.

With the right people, great companies can accomplish phenomenal objectives. We want to make sure every hire is exceptional.