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About August Venture Talent

We help visionary, innovative companies build extraordinary, high impact teams that disrupt the status quo and change the world.

Founder and Managing Partner

“One of the most professional, impressive, organizationally logical people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Co-founder, Early Stage Startup

August Venture Talent was born out of Donna White’s passion for entrepreneurship. In 2009, she left her role as Vice President of a well-established boutique executive search firm to focus her efforts on helping startup founders and other entrepreneurial leaders build teams that carry out a compelling vision and mission. 

From a young age, Donna has challenged the status quo. She now recognizes this as an early indicator of what would become her life’s work of coming alongside those who bring significant change to the world through daring business ventures.recruiting-firm

Donna has delivered exceptional results for over two decades as a recruitment and executive search consultant, working with other firms as well as starting her own. Her first recruitment firm, BrewingtonWhite & Associates (1998 – 2005) focused on consumer products and consumer technology sales, marketing and product roles.

One of Donna’s strengths as a recruitment and hiring partner is versatility. Deep expertise in her field, combined with business acumen and a unique set of uncommon abilities, allow her to tackle a wide range of hiring challenges. She has successfully produced hires within diverse industries, functional disciplines and geographic locations. This eliminates the need for growing businesses to engage multiple recruiters since Donna can support most, if not all, of their executive and leadership hiring in any part of the world.

Donna personally leads each project that AVT takes on, supported by a carefully selected team of both in-house and outsourced contributors. 

Working with Donna is good for your brand. She is an excellent representative of your company in the marketplace, Her interactions connected to recruitment efforts have resulted in new customers, business opportunities and partnerships for her clients.

Besides her reliable effectiveness, other reasons clients say they have returned for repeat business is Donna’s close attention to their needs and her personal warmth, high integrity, sense of humor and sincere commitment to their best interests. Some have gone so far as to say she makes the hiring process fun.

On a personal note…

Donna is an Illinois native who moved to Los Angeles in her late teens. She worked full-time progressing through roles in corporate Human Resources while earning a B.S., Management at Pepperdine University. She is married to Mark and is the mother of four young adults–or five if you count Murphy, the family dog.  Donna enjoys travel, adventure, stimulating conversation, reading and independent films. The ocean themes that often show up in her business branding is a reflection of her love of nature and the outdoors and frequent walks on the beach to clear her mind and dream of possibilities.