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Our Process

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Comprehensive and extensive strategy to find the hire

Our Process:

Our purpose with every recruitment project is to help you hire an extraordinary team member. While the process is flexible and we will “do whatever it takes” to accomplish the goal, our services will generally involve the following actions:

Initial Consultation & Preparation

We accumulate information from discussions with the client, job descriptions, company website and our own industry knowledge and research. This is used to determine the profile of the desired candidate in consultation with the client, and to create a compelling marketing and recruitment campaign. If needed, we create a high impact job description on the client’s behalf.

Marketing & Sourcing

We plan and execute a research-based sourcing strategy, using a range of internet research techniques, to identify prospective candidates within the designated geographic area(s). In addition to delving into our expansive network for ideas and referrals, we conduct creative and strategic marketing activities to get the word out.

Recruiting & Engagement

We tenaciously and proactively reach out to and engage the interest of targeted prospective candidates and, as needed, use multiple contact attempts and methods with a high success rate. Our intelligent, authentic and well-informed approach engenders a positive candidate experience and reflects well on your brand.

Candidate Assessment & Presentation

Candidates are screened through insightful interviews and by reviewing background information to assess suitability of qualifications for the role. August Venture Talent screens for motivations, aspirations, and professional and personal characteristics that contribute to compatibility with company culture and business objectives. Candidates that meet the agreed upon criteria or otherwise seem promising based on our professional judgment are presented to the client through a resume and written presentation.

Client Interview Support

Our involvement at this stage is flexible in supporting the client’s interview process, ranging from coaching and guidance of the interview team to administrative support in coordinating interviews. The search consultant follows up with each party to provide appropriate feedback and to assess the need for additional clarification to clear the way for moving forward. Candidates not selected are diplomatically dismissed.

Transparent Reporting

The client receives weekly reports on search activities including numbers and stats from which metrics can be analyzed. This is accompanied by ongoing communication as well as regularly scheduled calls to discuss the search developments. Clients have 24/7 access to our online search management system which displays the results of research and outreach efforts and interactions with candidates.


References are interviewed for any candidate seriously considered for hire, which provides valuable insight for the hiring decision and for future professional development and performance management. If the search consultant has concerns, preliminary references are contacted earlier in the process as part of the assessment.

Offer & Hire

The employment offer is extended either by the client or by the search consultant, based on the client’s preference. Available assistance includes input to compensation based on market factors, ensuring all expectations are clearly communicated, pre-closing the candidate and assuring that all the bases are covered, including anticipating a counteroffer from the current employer. Our goal is a transparent process resulting in a satisfying conclusion.


We offer consultation on the onboarding strategy or process. We maintain periodic contact with the hiring executive and the new team member for the first several months for early detection of any possible issues and to assist as needed.

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