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Author: Donna White

Overcoming (or Avoiding) a Poor Glassdoor Rating

A positive Glassdoor rating may be only one of several factors that influence a candidate’s interest, but negative reviews and an overall low rating will be a strong deterrent.

Removing Fear from Hiring

The unknown is one of the greatest sources of fear in hiring.

I have found that one of the greatest assets in successful hiring is a clear sense of …

The Question at the Heart of Building a Great Team

If you are building a successful business then you are already aware that your business is only as great as the team you build.

As a recruiter, I get a …

Is Your Job Post Attracting Top Performers? (Hint: They are looking for an opportunity, not just a job.)

A highly competitive employment market requires an intentional effort in attracting top performers including a strategic approach to the job post.

Headhunter Pro Tip: Averting a Counteroffer

Losing a candidate to a counteroffer can be a bitter pill after the hard work of finding the person in the first place. A proactive approach during the interview process is your best defense.